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Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency will allow you to:

  • gain fuel savings;
  • reduce the amount of toxic emissions to a minimum for this type of equipment;
  • optimize the performance of the power equipment (to ensure maximum efficiency);
  • obtain the necessary experimental data for the parameter tables and graphs of recommended ratio "fuel-air";
  • extend the lifetime of equipment, increase its reliability and safety.

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Start-up and Commissioning

Check, adjustment, securing interconnected operation of the equipment as specified by the technical process.



Modernization of burners - allows organizing fuel combustion processes more efficiently and reducing its specific consumption up to 10%.


Energy Audit 

Specialists of the company examine energy facilities, in order to identify energy efficiency, define actions on its increasing and capabilities of their realization.



Development and implementation of an automated process control system (APCS) at any level of complexity and functionality.