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Price and payment procedure

Prices for natural gas

for natural gas from 1 December 2019*

For consumers financed from the state or local budget, subject to calculations on the fact of consumption of natural gas*

natural gas Price UAH, excl. VAT Reimbursement of costs for access to free capacities up to exit points with physical location to gas distribution systems, without VAT** VAT, UAH Price UAH, with VAT
6 408.34 157.19 1 313.10 7 878.63

* the procurement Procedure takes place in accordance with the Law of Ukraine” On public procurement ” of 25.12.2015 N 922-VIII.
** Temporary tariffs on services of natural gas transportation installed Postanova NERC KP 2001 from 21.12.2018 introduced with 01.05.2019

Prices for electricity

  1. UKRENERGO tariff For electricity transmission services 155.40 UAH / MWh (excluding value added tax)
  2. RT I quarter 2020 (regulatory contribution rate) – 0.071%