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Price and payment procedure

Prices for natural gas

for natural gas from 1 May 2020*

For consumers financed from the state or local budget, subject to calculations on the fact of consumption of natural gas*

natural gas Price UAH, excl. VAT Reimbursement of costs for access to free capacities up to exit points with physical location to gas distribution systems, without VAT** VAT, UAH Price UAH, with VAT
3 799,2 129,13 785,67 4 714,00

* the procurement Procedure takes place in accordance with the Law of Ukraine” On public procurement ” of 25.12.2015 N 922-VIII.
** Temporary tariffs on services of natural gas transportation installed Postanova NERC KP 2001 from 21.12.2018 introduced with 01.05.2019

Prices for electricity

The price of electricity for consumers at a fixed tariff for 1 kW/h is 2,48 UAH. including VAT.

The price includes the tariff for electricity transmission services, excluding the tariff for distribution services.

For consumers financed from the state or local budget, the price of electricity is determined by the results of the procurement procedure in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement” of 25.12.2015 No. 922-VIII

  1. UKRENERGO tariff For electricity transmission services 155.40 UAH / MWh (excluding value added tax)
  2. RT I quarter 2020 (regulatory contribution rate) – 0.071%