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Vertical stands

Vertical stands for steel casting and cast iron ladles can be manufactured or upgraded in accordance with various customer requirements.

The booths are equipped with a modern burner with a special shape and high torch speed for more efficient heat transfer from the heating medium to the lining. Due to the high heat transfer coefficient from the high-speed torch, the burner ensures the required uniform heating of the entire bucket lining layer, observing the necessary drying/heating schedules.

In the standard delivery, the stand is equipped with control automatics that remotely provides the start of the main burner, fan and igniter, and also controls the safe operation of the stand. Сontrol cabinet with the touch panel is located at the customer agreed place.

Works on the installation or modernization of the stand are carried out under full constaction, starting from the design stage, finishing with installation and commissioning.

Modernizing existing stands the economic effect achieves high rates.