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Automatics for production leaders


Automatics for production leaders

Engineers of company Ukraine Energy have installed new burner device with a unique control system. In the heat and power plant of the Ilyich Combine the works on the installation of burner device with a set of modern automation for monitoring the operation of  superheater CP-20 were successfully completed.

This site is necessary for the continuous operation of the separation of pickling units of the cold rolling mill. The steam heater consists of pipelines and boilers, in which steam is heated to 250 degrees. Such boilers are significantly outdated, since they were installed more than 50 years ago. Major repairs were only a temporary measure.

Existing burners worked inefficiently: the efficiency ratio was only 80%. Previously, the operation of the boiler for steam generation was carried out manually: the burner was ignited by special ignitor, the necessary parameters were controlled by the machine operator manually, which had certain risks of the failure of the production of galvanizing in the cold rolling shop.

Employees of Ukraine Energy installed a new burner with modern control system on the boiler, which simplifies the work. Previously, everything depended on the constant control of the driver at the site, namely the timely adjustment of the parameters of the unit.

Now it is enough to press the button, then automatics itself will set the optimal parameters set by the program. When the temperature mode changes, the operator will hear a special signal and make adjustments. So, a decrease or increase in the degree of steam heating is now under the automatic control of the system. The new burner is installed on one of the boilers. Already, it shows a significant efficiency -it has increased to 95%. Our partner plans to equip all units on the site.